Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Something rotten

In today's column, Polly Toynbee writes:

...if they [the Tories] regain power, they will at least be embarrassed if child poverty soars as it did last time (from one child in nine in 1979 to one in three by the time they left office).

The last two times we had figures from Toynbee about child poverty in 1979, it was 14%, which is one in seven, and not one in nine.


She also writes:

Tax credits are indeed a problem: why should the taxpayer subsidise low-paying employers? But naturally the party that opposed the minimum wage does not draw the obvious conclusion — that if earnings rose there would be no need for state subsidy... 

[O]ne fact is conveniently missing from these reports: Denmark has exactly the same proportion of one-parent families and the least child poverty in the EU.

Talking of conveniently missing facts:

Denmark has no statutory minimum wage.

According to Minister for Employment, Claus Hjort Frederiksen.


Anonymous said...

When the Tories won power very few children lived in homes with electronic goodies such as videos etc. When they left almost all families could afford such things.
How can people say that child poverty increased under the Tories ?

Anonymous said...

"The mutability of the past is the central tenet of Ingsoc." (For Ingsoc see; New Labour)."
George Orwell